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94% of ALL the candidates we place are STILL in place after a full year and 76% are still employed after 3 years



When we ask businesses what they hate most about hiring recruitment firms, the answer that almost always comes back is…


Clients hate the cost of hiring recruiters. The only thing they really see is a bunch of CVs which, if they really wanted, they could find themselves. When agencies forward unsuitable candidates that leave after just a few months, or even weeks.

And in that realisation comes the answer.

The expense of hiring the wrong person is the biggest direct and indirect cost to employers. So, this is DS Recruitment & HR Services entire focus:

Not how to be the fastest, not how to be flashiest, and not how to be cheapest.

But how to match candidates for our clients that fit so perfectly, that they’re still in the job after a minimum of 24 months and beyond.

Have we succeeded? No. But we’re very close. In fact we’re exactly… 94% of the way there.

In other words, so far, 94% of ALL the candidates we place are STILL in place after a full year and 76% are still employed after 3 years.


HR Services

In addition, we provide HR services for businesses which includes: Company Policies & Staff Handbooks, Employee Relations, Disciplinary & Grievance, TUPE, Employment Law, Psychometric Profiling (Thomas International) and UKBA Visa Sponsorship. Our ambition is to provide you a coherent, cost-effective and flexible HR Service. With more than 15 years in business, 20 years of experience and being accredited by the CIPD

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If you’re currently recruiting but struggling to find a suitable candidate in an overly saturated, candidate driven market then we have the solution for you. With over 15 years of working in Nottingham and the Midlands, our recruitment agency has built up relationships with a wide variety of candidates and clients at various stages in their careers.

A professional, honest and reliable recruitment service is what you receive from DS Recruitment & HR Services. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the recruitment you expect and deserve. Nowadays, the need to attract and retain hard-working, resilient and enthusiastic employees is essential for businesses, and our aim is to source the right candidates for your company.

Every service we offer is bespoke to the needs of your business, and our dedicated team go above and beyond to provide you a quality and professional service. We are dedicated to the development of new and innovative recruitment processes. This will ensure that your employees stay within your company long term - as we always ensure we get the right fit.

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