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  • Personality Profiling – Part of Your Recruitment Process?
    12/03/2019 - David Scaife 0 Comments
    Personality Profiling – Reducing Risk in Your Recruitment Process

    Personality Profiling – In Your Recruitment Process?

    If, like 70% of organisations surveyed by the CIPD, your vacancies are proving hard to fill, when was the last time you reviewed if your recruitment processes were up to scratch?  With 34% of organisations reporting difficulty in retaining staff past the 12 month mark (1).  In current uncertain economic times, shrewd recruitment is the watchword.

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  • How To Take The Grief Out Of Grievance
    17/05/2018 - David Scaife 0 Comments
    How To Take The Grief Out Of Grievance

    I recently read with interest this article from David Liddle (founder and CEO of the TCM group, the UK’s leading mediation and conflict management consultancy) looking at how modern organisations should be addressing and dealing with workplace grievances. This is very much in line with how DS Recruitment & HR Services handle Grievances in order to minimise disruption to the workplace and risk to the business. https://www.hrzone.com/engage/employees/how-to-tak...   David states that forward-looking organisations have recognised that traditional grievance procedures are not delivering the goods when it comes to resolving conflict speedily and effectively.

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  • Recruiting Talent into a Small Business
    16/05/2018 - David Scaife 0 Comments
    Recruiting Talent into a Small Business

    Recruiting talent can be a challenge for small businesses, competing with larger corporate organisations, offering significant reward and benefits packages. However, if you get the message and process right, you will quickly see the benefit!

    If you are a small business facing these sorts of challenges, get in touch! We can help with a whole range of HR issues, including creating a robust succession plan so you are not left exposed when a key individual resigns, creating a people plan which fits your budget and growth targets, designing and delivering bespoke recruitment processes and much more. Our fully CIPD qualified HR & Recruitment Managers are on hand to ensure you are on the right path. 

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  • 5 Fair Reasons For a Dismissal
    16/05/2018 - David Scaife 0 Comments
    5 Fair Reasons For a Dismissal

    A warning to all employers: the average pay out for an unfair dismissal tribunal claim is almost £30,000. The chances are, you haven’t ever faced atribunal claim. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk of having to pay out a significant amount if you don't follow a fair dismissal process.

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  • How To Reduce Your Time To Hire
    15/05/2018 - David Scaife 0 Comments
    How To Reduce Your Time To Hire

    The average hiring process in the UK takes 27 days, according to HR Magazine. However, 54% of businesses have previously lost out on qualified candidates because the hiring process was too long.  Reducing your time to hire should be a priority; not only can a lengthy recruitment process put candidates off but open vacancies also increase your spend and increase strain on your existing resources.  

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